‘Isn’t Wikipedia entirely ghosted? Isn’t half of Facebook? Isn’t the World Wide Web a new ether, in which we are all haunted by ghostwriters?’ Andrew O’ Hagan, Ghosting: Julian Assange.

Do you wonder who you are talking to in this ‘new ether’? Atomised in the din of cyberspace. When the screen goes black, we are alone.

O’ Hagan is correct, publishing requires polishing (not on this blog mind). And publishing private lives invites public responses. Our stories are weighted with the need to be ‘liked’, to be ‘liked’, to be ‘liked’. But if I don’t post, do I even exist?

In the words of Bob Strauss, ‘I’m like a drug addict. I need all this attention. It’s not so much the narcotic of applause. It’s the narcotic of power.’ Fanning the flames of ego with alerts, alarms and updates. Our twit machines grant everyone their fifteen minutes (seconds – more au courant) of fame.

Does your self worth depend on your status update ‘likes’? How do you navigate the voices, opinions, trolls?

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