Addiction To Perfection: The Still Unravished Bride

“The daily journal is like a mirror. When we first look into it, the blank pages stare back with ominous emptiness. But if we keep looking and trusting in what Rilke calls “the possiblity of being”, gradually we begin to see the face that is looking back at us. If we stand naked, the mirror reflects things as they are. In its latin roots, the word mirror suggests wonder and curiosity. It is the bringer of our secret mirth, helping us to disentangle the inner and outer worlds, giving us the objectivity to laugh at ourselves. There is more to mirror than reflection. The long hours of sitting alone stripping off the self-deceptions, the articial self-pity, the self-inflated maiming, build the Eros connection between the conscious and unconscious worlds in a way that connects both. With the mirror, we go through, we take our reality into another world, the world of the unconscious, and find a relationship to our own soul.”

Leaving My Father’s House: A Journey to Conscious Femininity 

“By the roots of my hair some god got hold of me. I sizzled in his blue volts like a desert prophet.” Sylvia Plath

“The “once upon a time” world of the fairy tale is spaceless, time-less world of the soul. The ancient stories with their stark story lines map the many inner paths toward wholeness. All the characters are parts of us. They are images that personify attributes of people we live with every day, and princes, witches, and animals that visit us in our dreams every night. While the laws of the world of matter (nature) are not the laws of the world of psyche (soul), the images apply to both worlds. They are connectors. If we concentrate on the images in our stories and dreams until we distill their truth, we ground ourselves in the reality of our own imagery. Life lived from our inner truth is not an empty performance. It is a dynamic, moment-by-moment discovery.

Distilling the truth of the image is the work. Einstein, for example, dreamed that he was sliding along a sunbeam. Then he saw himself reflected in a mirror fastened on his feet. Immediately he realized that he was, in fact, riding the sunbeam. In other words, he was moving at the same speed as light. he was light. It took him a lifetime of reflection to distill the truth of that image. the concentration that brought him to E = Mc2 has changed the consciousness of the world.”

Marion Woodman

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