The man who labelled Adele ‘a little too fat’ held a feminist march last week. As with most media events, the master was at the helm; choreographing his muse just so. The faux feminist rally was Kaufmanesque (Charlie, not Andy) even by Lagerfeld’s standards. Alas, Chanel SS15 failed to emancipate womankind.

Kendall Jenner gets like political and shit.

Kendall Jenner gets like political and shit.

Gender inequality is the shadow of feminine beauty; hair extensions and acrylic nails are hot, no doubt about it, but they seem to get in the way of earning as much men. Casting notes demand females to be smoking hot, curvaceous and flawless, while men are filthy rich, confident and funny; life imitates art in Hollywood – the highest paid actor Robert Downey Jr takes home $35m more than his female counterpart Sandra Bullock.

Rose McGowan has rebuked sex symbol status, aiming at awards season with her directorial debut Dawn. ‘Having my own voice doing Dawn which is most representative of my mind and my taste; is oceans away from what I’ve been able to achieve as an actress,’ said Rose on the Bret Easton Ellis podcast. ‘That was just an interpretation of me, of what I was allowed to be through the male gaze, male writing and the male mind. It’s not just the male gaze – it’s all encompassing.’ Rose’s anger is apparent, ‘the sexualisation of women has become the norm and I reject that.’ Here’s hoping Rose can readdress the media balance one Academy Award at a time.

Rose McGowan takes on Tinsel Town.

Rose McGowan takes on Tinsel Town.


















The caged bird sings with a fearful trill

of things unknown but longed for still

and his tune is heard on the distant hill

for the caged bird sings of freedom.

-Maya Angelou

Objectified and's Paris Hilton.

Objectified and sexy…it’s Paris Hilton.

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