Siena Barnes – I Want To Make Your Own World Visible To You


incl VAT

Gold leaf on glass 45 x 45 cm

Unique multiple


Abracadabra is a creative command that transforms, in Aramaic it roughly translates as, ‘I create as I speak’. The term is said to derive from the sacred gnostic term Abraxas, the god who combines all opposites into one being. In his book Seven Sermons to the Dead Carl Jung wrote:

Abraxas is more indefinite than god and the devil. It is force, duration, change…Abraxas is abundance that seeketh union with emptiness. It is the brightest light of day and the darkest night of madness.

The incantation abracadabra is an expression of the dynamic evolutionary force that leads to change. Magic inspires awe by exposing higher states of consciousness beyond the everyday perception of what is possible. I Want To Make Your Own World Visible To You invokes the possibility of personal transformation housed in an octagon – symbolic of rebirth, transition and totality.

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